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  • The School day starts at 08:00. When the bell rings the learners and teachers are expected to be at the class ready to start the day.
  • Late arrivals must first report to the office to collect a late letter which is shown to the Teacher.
  • The names of all learners who arrive late for school will be recorded into a “Latecomers File”


  • School attendance is compulsory.
  • No learner may be absent without a valid reason.
  • Any learner who absents himself/herself without a satisfactory reason will be deemed to be playing truant.
  • A register is kept.
  • An absentee letter must accompany the learner on his/her return to school
  • After three or more days illness a doctor’s letter is required
  • A child will only be allowed to leave the school premises during the school day if accompanied by a parent/guardian or educator. The parent or guardian must complete the early departure register when the learner is released. Learners will not be released on written request or telephone calls. Parents/guardians must present themselves at school to sign out a child



Parents are reminded that the Learners’ uniform and the Learners’ appearance reflects to others, the type of school we are.  We urge you to make sure that your child is cleanly and neatly attired every day, therefore please follow these guidelines/rules to ensure that your child’s appearance reflects the standard of our school.  Learners will not be allowed in class if they are incorrectly dressed and will receive 5 demerits.

School Uniform



  • White & navy checked school dress (knee length)
  • Black school shoes with short white socks in summer
  • Navy blue hot-pants under dress


  • White, long sleeved shirt
  • Navy slacks
  • Navy long wool stockings under slacks  or navy knee highs
  • A navy blue beanie, navy blue scarf and gloves can be worn
  • Navy school cardigan with school badge in summer and winter
  • Navy school tie in winter

Sport uniform:

  • School Tracksuit
  • Sport dress and navy hot-pants
  • White short socks and white tekkies for Netball
  • Navy long socks for Hockey


  • Navy blue hair accessories only
  • Only small gold or silver stud, sleeper or white pearl earrings may be worn
  • Navy blue underwear

Girls General:

  • No perming, highlighting or colouring of hair is allowed
  • No fancy hairstyles – regarding ethnic hairstyles – only singles, twists, essence, braids and extensions are allowed.  No beads, weaves and dreadlocks.  Braids/’corn rolls’ must be plaited to the head – not allowed to hang. Only navy Alice bands or hair ribbons are permitted – no fancy clips or slides. Hair must be clean, neat and tidy.   Braids/’corn rolls’ must be plaited to the head – not allowed to hang.  Long hair must be tied up in a ponytail/pony tails, short hair is not allowed to touch the collar.  Hair may not fall forward to the face.
  • No make-up, this includes lip gloss and coloured lip-ice.
  • No nail-polish allowed, that includes the toe nails as well
  • Afternoon clothes must be child/age appropriate. Shorts are not allowed to be too short or tight. Dresses and skirts must be of a proper length.  Girls can wear hot-pants underneath their afternoon dresses or skirts.  Tops/shirts must not be so short to show belly-buttons and spaghetti strap tops are not appropriate. No high heel shoes are suitable for outside play.



  • Navy school shorts
  • White, short sleeve shirt with school badge
  • Black school shoes with long navy socks in winter and summer
  • Navy school jersey or pull-over with school badge in summer and winter


  • Navy school slacks
  • White, long sleeve shirt  (no badge)
  • Black belt
  • A navy blue beanie, navy blue scarf and gloves can be worn
  • Navy school tie in winter

Sport Uniform:


Sport shirt and short

Navy long socks and tekkies for sport

Boys General:

  • Hair must be clean, neat and tidy. Short, no designs, no dreadlocks, no styles, no hair styling agents and no added colour
  • Shirts tucked in at all time
  • Socks pulled up
  • Afternoon civvies must be appropriate for play


  • All items of clothing must be clearly marked with a name and a surname
  • Encourage your child to take responsibility for his/her belongings
  • Each child should have an extra bag for their uniform, when getting dress for afternoon care
  • No cell phones are allowed. Cell phones must be handed in at the office before school and will be returned at home time.
  • The school will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged cell phones or any other property
  • No jewelry other than wrist watches and medic alert bracelets may be worn to school
  • Boys may not wear earrings
  • No rings of any kind are allowed
  • Finger nails must be short
  • Shoes must be polished
  • Navy school bags must be clean and tidy
  • If a t-shirt/vest is worn under the school uniform it must not be visible above any portion of the shirt/dress
  • Beanies are not to be worn in class
  • Underwear items e.g. boxer shorts must not be visible
  • Pants must be worn properly and not hang below the hip line
  • Proper hygiene is very important
  • Towels/blankets may not be worn over the uniform.
  • Shirts must be tucked in.
  • During afternoon care or school events that allow the wearing of casual wear, learners should wear neat, presentable clothes. Beachwear, tight-fitting clothes, clothes that are see-through and/or too revealing are not allowed. Hair, shoes and accessories should be neat at all times.
  • The chewing of bubble gum is strictly forbidden
  • Items that are forbidden, that are brought to school, will be confiscated and the disciplinary procedures will be applied. At the discretion of the school, an item may only be returned (If applicable) at the end of that school year
  • No selling of goods by the learners is allowed at school. Offenders will have their goods and money confiscated.


As a learner I will:

  • Line up quietly in an orderly manner.
  • Be prompt and on time for lessons
  • Lead in and stand quietly behind my desk
  • Wait to greet the educator before being seated
  • Listen to instructions
  • Respect my own equipment as well as that of other people.
  • Make sure that I have my own equipment and stationary so that I do not have to borrow from others
  • Raise my hand when I wish to say or ask something
  • Not interrupt while someone else is speaking
  • Not be disruptive, thereby preventing the other learners from receiving quality education
  • Respect textbooks/media books and all other equipment
  • Not touch or remove anything from my educator’s desk
  • Not throw any objects across the class
  • Not challenge a teacher’s authority during a lesson
  • Pick up any litter around my desk and place my chair neatly under my desk before leaving the classroom
  • Complete all homework and class work assignments to the best of my ability
  • Be honest in all my work including tests and in all I say
  • Stand up and greet any adult who enters the classroom

Not eat or chew bubble gum in any classroom


As a learner I will:

  • Avoid rough or dangerous games
  • Avoid fighting
  • Refrain from using unacceptable language
  • Play in the designated areas.
  • Remember that all classrooms and parking areas are strictly out of bounds during breaks and before and after school
  • Move aside to allow an adult to pass
  • Include other children in my games
  • Consider other children and not disrupt their games
  • Move quickly to class when the bell rings
  • Get up and greet all adults who walk past


As a learner I will:

  • Dress appropriately and neatly as prescribed
  • Display sportsmanship whether winning or losing
  • Respect the umpire’s/referee’s/teacher’s decisions
  • Thank the umpire/referee/teacher at the end of the match / practice
  • Listen to instructions
  • Sit quietly while being transported and wear seatbelts
  • Thank the driver and coach
  • Assist the teacher in accounting for all the equipment and packing it away neatly
  • Attend every practice /match or make my apologies to the teacher / coach


As a learner I will:

  • Listen to instructions
  • Respect the venue I am using and not touch anything that does not belong to me in the venue
  • Pack away, neatly, all equipment

Leave the venue in a neat, orderly and acceptable condition.


As a learner I will:

  • Arrive promptly and not loiter near the gates
  • Respect the teacher on duty
  • Do my homework on my own and in silence at all times
  • Inform the supervisor/teacher when I need to go to sport or other cultural activities
  • Not interfere or disturb extra-mural activities with my behaviour after school

Bring a letter when being collected by someone other than the parent/guardian


As a learner I will:

  • Not run or play on the corridors
  • Not tamper with safety equipment
  • Not leave the school ground or classroom during school hours without the permission of the Principal or member of staff.
  • Not bring pets or toys or valuables to school
  • Not be guilty of any form of rowdiness or loud behaviour
  • Not bring or distribute undesirable reading matter/visual material
  • Enter and exit in all areas at school in an orderly and disciplined manner
  • Report any accidental breakages to the office immediately
  • Not climb over any school fence or in the trees
  • Not go into the school building during break unless I am going to the bathroom
  • Exercise exemplary behaviour when making use of public transport
  • Behave as an ambassador for my school at all times
  • Bring a note written and signed by my parents or doctor’s note upon my return to school after I have been absent
  • Bring a doctor’s certificate if I have been absent from an exam or test
  • Catch up any work missed after I have been absent
  • Bring a letter when leaving school early noting the date, time, reason and person collecting

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