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Set up in accordance and adopted by the Governing Body, in terms of Section 5 (5) of the South African Schools Act No.84 of 1996. 

  1. Interpretation

In this document, unless stated otherwise:

  • The Act – refers to the South African School’s Act No 84 of 1996 as amended.
  • The School – refers to Ad Laudem.
  • Feeder Zone – refers to the greater Bloemfontein region.
  • The Governing Body– refers to a group of parents nominated and elected by the parent body.
  • Learner -refers to any person receiving education or obliged to receive education in terms of the Act.
  • Parent-refers to the parent or guardian of a learner/the person legally entitled to the custody of the learner.
  • Educator – refers to a person who teaches, educates or trains learners at the school.

Documents required for the admission of a learner

2.1   An application form for the admission of a learner, as prescribed by the school, will be handed to parents for completion.  The application form, together with all additional documents as mentioned in 2.2. below, must be delivered to school as soon as possible, as only limited space in available per classroom (15 learners maximum).

When a parent applies for the admission of a learner, the following is to be presented:

2.2.1.         The School’s application form fully completed and signed.

2.2.2.         An official, certified copy of the learner’s Birth Certificate.

2.2.3.         Clinic card/Proof of immunizations.

2.2.4.         Transfer card (if learner was in a different school in the previous academic year).

2.2.5.         A certified copy of the last report card (if learner was in a different school/playgroup in the previous academic year).

2.2.6.         Proof of residence.

2.2.7.         Other documents:  the last available salary slip of the account payer as well as 3 months bank statements.

All documents must be certified.

  1. Admission Criteria

Learners will be admitted without discrimination.  The character of the school shall be keeping with that of the community it serves.  Ad Laudem is a multi-racial school with a Christian ethos. 

  • School readiness age: a learner should be five and a half years of age before June.
  • All applicants to Grade 1 will spend time with a Grade 1 teacher

to ascertain the child’s strength ad challenges prior to submission.

  • The medium of instruction (also known as the language of instruction) will be in English.
  • Enrolment will be finalised once the non-refundable deposit was paid in full, after receiving an Acceptance Letter.

The deposit is allocated as follows: 

  • Secure a place for the child
  • Registration and administration fees
  • Textbooks and copy work to be done for the year
  • Skills Development Expenses
  1. Fees
    • Parents are obliged to pay school fees as determined by the Sole Director and owner of Ad Laudem.
    • The school provides pre-primary, aftercare and various other private tuitions for learners, at a pre-determined rate.
    • Fees need to be paid by the 3rd of each month.
    • The onus is on the parents to make contact with the school. Those parents who do not meet the arrangements that they agree to, will be liable for any legal fees, should they be handed over.
  1. Maximum number of Learners

Due to the number of Educators and the facilities that the school has, and so as to maintain reasonable class sizes and provide a high standard of education for every learner, the school shall not admit more than the number of learners as mentioned below at any given time.  Enrolment will be closed once the limit has been reached.

The capacity for classrooms is determined as follows:

Classroom Number Learner Capacity
Pre-school 12-15
Grade R 12-15
Grade 1-3 12-15
Grade 4-7 12-15
  1. Appeal

The parent of the learner may appeal against the decision to refuse admission to the Members of the Executive Council in terms of Section 5 (9) of the Act.

  1. General

This policy shall be reviewed by the Director, Principal and Governing Body or as issues arise.

Contact Info

22 Maartens Road, Universitas, Bloemfontein

Phone: 051 522 0748

Web: Ad Laudem

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